Published Works

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Songs: I Oughta Grow Up (a.k.a. A Little Too Old (To Act So Young)), Detachment Reorder (a.k.a Re-Attachment Disorder)


Perfect Pitch

Songs: Nice Guys Finish Last


Platinum Music Library

Songs: The Real You, Iron Void (a.k.a. Empty and Alone), Unexplained Phenomenon, Wah-Rah


Scorekeepers Music library

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Songs: Tension Swarm (a.k.a. Uber the Top), Knuckletrash (a.k.a. Crash Symbol), Road Trippin’ (a.k.a. Anywhere USA), Fire Sermon (a.k.a. Cry of War), Brain Wreck (a.k.a. Solidface)



Unpublished Works

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